Turning insight into action. 

Turning insight into action. 

Data is a powerful resource many businesses underutilize. We’re helping you turn abstract data into proactive solutions, better connecting and optimizing your people, assets and operations.

GM Envolve is defining
insight solutions:

GM Envolve is defining
insight solutions:

GM Envolve offers intelligence platforms that collect vehicle data, calculate route efficiency, monitor fleet metrics and more, turning that information into something useful: actionable improvements.

Harnessing Data for Confident Decisions

Optimizing Your

Optimizing Your Operations

GM Envolve has a suite of platforms that are designed to connect your assets and provide real-time data that actually matters. Our technologies are designed to enable fleet managers, delivery operations and logistical decision-makers to potentially maximize revenue, increase productivity and work to meet sustainability goals.

OnStar® Business Solutions

OnStar® Business

Access safety services, vehicle insights and API customizations, and provide workforce Wi-Fi® connectivity with built-in vehicle features.

GM Insight Solutions Safety & Security icon.

Safety & Security

Help protect your people and assets with automatic crash detection, stolen vehicle assistance, navigation and roadside assistance with on-the-go vehicle diagnostics and remote vehicle control through our Driver Remote Access app.

GM Insight Solutions Wi-Fi & Connectivity icon.

Wi-Fi & Connectivity

Equip your drivers with in-vehicle internet access, and enable seamless connectivity with our Wi-Fi and connectivity solutions.

GM Insight Solutions Onstar Vehicle Insights icon.

OnStar Vehicle Insights

Provide actionable insights to help optimize your fleet’s operations, allow remote vehicle management and equip drivers with in-vehicle coaching for increased safety on the road.

GM Insight Solutions API + Data Services icon.

API + Data Services

See customized telematics metrics like safety belt and battery charge detection with OnStar API access.

GM Future Roads

We’re helping municipalities optimize city road systems and transportation infrastructure through intelligent data insights gathered from over our connected GM vehicles.


Safety & Connection

We’re helping you protect your people and assets with holistic connectivity features like automated crash response, stolen vehicle shutdown and in-vehicle coaching, all managed from intuitive dashboards.

Preproduction model shown. Actual model may vary. Very limited initial availability starting Spring 2023. Greater availability expected Fall 2023.


Introducing the New Connected Plan

Give your fleet an upgrade with the new connected plan from OnStar Vehicle Insights and make the transition to electric. Now standard with the purchase of a 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV. Get EV features like charging status, route planning, charge reimbursement and more, all to help you make the most of your fleet.


GM Envolve in Action

Out-Thinking Thievery

See how we’ve helped auto parts companies outwit car thieves through GM vehicles outfitted with OnStar technology.

Rapidly Responding

See how in-vehicle technology and innovative mapping data can help responders get to emergency sites and administer services.

Addressing Operational Costs

See how BrightDrop’s new AI technologies are being implemented to help fleet owners lower operational costs.


Get in touch.

Transformative change doesn’t happen overnight. Let us start you on the journey with the right people, asking the right questions.

Get in touch.

Transformative change doesn’t happen overnight. Let us start you on the journey with the right people, asking the right questions.